I am certified to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy by the California Institute of Integral Studies. I’ve also completed 100 hours of training in  MDMA-Assisted Therapy, with MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies).

Promising research is showing that these substances effectively treat depression, trauma, existential anxiety, and chronic pain when these conditions do not respond to other treatments. Research participants say that their experiences on journeys are the most profound of their lives.  

Currently, only ketamine and cannabis are legal to use. I have been working with two ketamine clinics, providing guiding and integration therapy. I also have trained in the use of psychedelic cannabis. 

I provide consultation to both psychotherapists and clients interested in learning how psychedelics might be useful therapeutically.

Review of Rick Stassman’s “DMT:The Spirit Molecule,” in The American Journal of Psychiatry, August,  2002.

Lecture, “Cannabis and Entheogens in Jewish religious texts”: